Bell pepper / capsicum raita

This is one easy peasy recipe! I love to use all the different colored bell peppers. In Indian cooking there is not much scope for using these raw. Cooking them renders the dishes rather sweet so you can’t use them in large quantities. One way of using these is to make a nice, cool and soothing raita. I use bell peppers of all colors, green, red, yellow and orange.


1 of each bell pepper – orange, red, yellow and green.

1 tomato

2 green chillies split length wise

A handful of chopped coriander

2 cups thick yogurt.

Cut the bell peppers into small pieces. If you dont like the raw flavor especially of the green peppers, you can microwave them for a minute or two. Let it cool before mixing all the ingredients. Easy peasy!

Variations : If you want a slightly sweet tone, add pomegranate seeds, candied cherries or green grapes.

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