Menthyada pudi/ Fenugreek spice powder/ Kari pudi

I am back to the blogging  world after a long hiatus. I have been busy getting a hang of motherhood to my 7 week old baby boy! Still catching up on posts from the bloggers whom I follow.

My parents are here to help us out with the baby and amma is dishing out all my favorite recipes! Feels good to be eating regular food after being on a diet for almost 3 months because of gestational diabetes!

This recipe is amma’s preparation and is similiar to chutney powder or chutney pudi. It is usually eaten with steaming hot rice and ghee and is delicious! Perfect for those days when you are bored of cooking rasam, sambar or some other accompaniment for rice. Kari pudi is what we Iyengars call it. I have no clue what “kari” means! 🙂 This doesn’t require any elaborate steps for cooking except for dry roasting all ingredients and grinding them to fine powder.


1 cup chana dal

2 cups toor dal

1 cup moong dal

1 cup urad dal

1 cup wheat

1 cup coriander seeds

1/4 cup black pepper

1/4 cup methi seeds or fenugreek seeds

1/2 cup cumin seeds or jeera

2 cups curry leaves ( packed )

2 pinches of asafoetida

5-6 red chillies

Salt to taste

Dry roast the chana dal and urad dal until golden brown. Dry roast toor dal and moong dal separately. Mix black pepper, methi seeds, coriander seeds, cumin seeds, asafoetida and dry roast them. Roast the curry leaves until they are dry.

Let all the roasted ingredients cool.  Grind everything to a fine powder and adjust the salt level according to taste.

Enjoy with some steaming hot basmati rice and a dollop of ghee or peanut oil. This can also be used to thicken the gravy for gojjus.

2 comments on “Menthyada pudi/ Fenugreek spice powder/ Kari pudi

  1. Jyothi Mohan says:

    Are you sure 1 cup wheat is in the recipe?is it also roasted,for there is no mention of it…I am a Hebbar Iyengar and want to make kari pudi 🙂

    • Swathi says:

      Yes Jyothi..sorry for the delayed reponse.. the measurement is right..1 cup of wheat and it needs to be roasted. I missed that out 🙂

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