Methi-Paneer Paratha


Methi- Paneer Paratha

There is no better food to come home to than fresh home made parathas. Parathas are a great way to incorporate many ingredients into one ( spices, veggies). Also if you have picky kids in the house like me, this is a great way to pack in calories.

Ingredients: Makes about 8 parathas

For the filling:

Paneer grated 1 cup ( Use can use mozzarella cheese instead)

Methi leaves 1 cup chopped

Ajwain seeds 1 tbsp

Garam masala 1 tsp

Salt to taste

Mix the above ingredients in a bowl and set aside.

For the dough:

Wheat flour ( atta ) 4 cups

Oil 2 tbsp

Salt to taste

Mix the atta, salt and oil to form soft dough using luke warm water. Set aside for 3-4 hours. Make small tennis ball size rolls of the dough. Using a polling pin, flatten the dough into 8” circle, ¼” thick., occasionally dusting the dough in the flour. Place the filling in the center of the circle. Cover the filling all around with the dough and flatten it. Again using the rolling pin, flatten the dough out into the same size as before. Cook both sides on medium low flame. Serve with a dollop of butter! Enjoy with pickle and raitha.


Shankarpouly /  Shankarpali

This was one of our favorite after school snacks that mom made often. Also haapens to be a popular Maharastrian snack. Tastes so good with that evening cup of tea/coffee. Mom and I made it around this Diwali after a really long time… Comes in spicy and salt- n-sweet versions…so take your pick!


All purpose flour 4 cups

Sooji fine 1 cup

Butter 1 cup/ 2 sticks

Salt to taste

Red Chilli powder 1tsp and pinch of hing (for the spicy version)

Sugar 2tsps (for the sweeter version)

Oil for frying

In a wok, dry roast the maida and sooji for about 5 minutes on a low flame. In a mixing bowl, whip 2 soft sticks of butter until soft. Add salt and sugar or red chilli powder/ hing. Fold in the flour/sooji to the butter into a dough like consistency. KneadImage the dough well and using a rolling pin flatten it out into a circle, a little thicker than you would for rotis, about 1/4 ” thickness.

Using a pizza cutter make approximately 2×2 cm squares or diamonds and drop them gently into the heated oil in the frying pan. Deep fry until golden brown. Let cool and enjoy with garam chai!

Tip: Knead the dough really well before rolling it out. Take care not to over heat the oil, otherwise the outside will get brown and somewhat burnt and the inside will remain uncooked.

Oats Upma

Oats Upma



Oats Upma – Ever get tired of eating the gritty oatmeal every morning for breakfast……Here’s an interesting and somewhat crunchy twist to eating oats, with the added goodness of veggies in it too. Perfect sunday morning healthy breakfast!


Ingredients: Serves 2


4 cups of oats ( I use the thick hand rolled oats from the Whole foods organic section )

Fresh chopped veggies….take your pick, I used onion, carrots and green bell peppers

2 green chillies….slit lengthwise

Salt to taste

Cilantroe to Garnish

2 tbsp Oil, one string of curry leaves and 1 tsp mustard seeds for seasoning

1 lemon

Soak the oats in water for an hour. In a pan, heat 2 tbsp oil and season the mustard seeds, green chillies and curry leaves. Add the onions and cook them till the onions turn golden brown. Then add the carrots and bell pepper and cook until they are soft.

Add salt to taste. Then toss in the soaked oats and cook on slow flame for 4-5 minutes. Once cool, squeeze the juice from one lemon, garnish with Cilantroe and serve.



Pear and walnut salad

One of the best things about living in California is the access to fresh produce all through the year! I love going to the farmer’s market every Sunday. Just looking at all the fresh vegetables and fruits makes me a happy soul 🙂 and the best part is you can sample stuff before you buy them. That is how I stumbled upon two ingredients for making a great salad. I bought a bottle each of Meyer lemon infused olive oil and raspberry balsamic vinegar.

Next was the quest for a good salads recipe to use these ingredients! My new found interest,  pinterest had just the recipe I was looking for, pear and walnut salad.  After I made the salad I realized that adding some feta cheese would have made a world of difference to the salad.


Mixed spring greens – 1 bag

Red pear 1 thinly sliced

Red onion – Half, thinly sliced

Toasted walnuts 1 cup

Dried cranberries 1/2 cup

Olive oil 2 tablespoons

Balsamic vinegar 2 tablespoons

Freshly ground pepper 1 tea spoon

Salt to taste


Add the onions, pear, walnuts, cranberries and spring greens into a big mixing bowl.

Into a separate bowl, add the olive oil, vinegar, salt and pepper and whisk the mixture thoroughly.


Just before serving, add the dressing to the salad and toss well.


Green tomato chutney

Green tomatoes are very hard to find most times and whenever I find them, I never miss an opportunity to make this chutney. If you are wondering what green tomatoes, they are just regular tomatoes which are unripe.

This goes very well with dosas, chapathi and can be used like salsa as well!



3-4 green tomatoes

Green chillies 4-5

Curry leaves 1 spring

Cilantro 1 cup

Jaggery 1 small cube

Garlic 2-3 cloves

Salt to taste

Oil 1 tablespoon

Cut the green tomatoes into big pieces. Heat the oil in a pan and add the green tomatoes, curry leaves and garlic. Cook them until the tomatoes slightly change color and become soft. To this add, jaggery and let it cool.

Add cilantro and salt and blend everything together.