Sriracha kissed almonds and Avocado sandwich

Sriracha kissed almonds and Avocado sandwich

When two exotic ingredients like Sriracha sauce and avocado get together in a sandwich, you know you cannot go wrong with it. What a treat to your taste buds…. the bold spicy flavor of Sriracha, the nutty taste of almonds and to balance it all, the creamy texture of avocado! Try this for a week end breakfast or an easy mid week dinner. It is perfect!

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1 cup of raw almonds

2 tbsp of Sriracha sauce

1 tbsp of Olive oil

Heat the oil in a small pan. Add the almonds in and gently begin to roast. About halfway through ( 5-6 mins) when the almonds are getting toasty, slowly add in the Sriracha sauce, watching carefully to not drown the nuts in the sauce or they will get too soggy. They just need to get a gentle drizzle of the sauce. Roast for another 5-6 minutes. Let it cool and store it for later use for a multitude of purposes!

For the sandwich, all you need is to mash up some avocado, drizzle salt and pepper. Toast the bread (with butter to a golden brown color is even better!). Spread the avocado evenly onto both slices, slide in the toasted almonds, add some extra fresh pepper if you can take the extra dash of heat. Enjoy!

Banana Apple Yogurt Smoothie!

This recipe has a  whole lot of  goodness and is energy packed too.  This smoothie is just right for those who are counting calories. I had a lot of bananas lying around the house. So this smoothie was perfect for breakfast.  If this is not filling enough add a piece of toast and boiled egg. This combo is one solid breakfast.


Ingredients : Serves 2

2 ripe bananas

1 Apple

8-10 almonds

1/2 cup of plain yogurt

1/2 cup of milk

2 ice cubes

Put all ingredients in a blender and blend till smooth. You can also add a dash of honey if you want extra sweetness.

Breakfast ready is ready in minutes…It doesn’t get easier than this, does it?