Kesar kulfi


Kesar kulfi


A sweltering hot day in summer always calls for a cool sweet treat to beat the heat! This is one easy recipe that can be put together in 10 minutes, provided you have the right ingredients on hand. Having seen this being made a few times now ( by my husband who owns the recipe), I can guarantee this will be a party favorite.


Ingredients: ( Makes about 15 small cups of kulfi)


Condensed milk – 1 can 14 oz

Evaporated milk – 1 can 28 oz ( Whole milk is obviously better, but you can use 2%, just to be a lil guilt free!)

Almonds- ½ cup, about 4 oz ( You can use slivered or sliced ones)

Unsalted pistachios – ½ cup, 4 oz ( optional)

Saffron threads 1 tbsp

Cardamom – 4-5 shelled

Whole wheat bread – 2 slices ( Yes, bread is the secret ingredient in Kulfi to bind everything else and give it the texture)

Whipped cream – 2-3 tbsp ( Cool whip works best)

Plastic Cups – 4 oz

Ice cream sticks




Blend all the above gently in a blender till the nuts are crushed well. Pour into small 4 oz cups. Refrigerate for about 2.5 hrs in the freezer. Insert ice cream sticks when it is about semisoft in consistency and let if freeze for a couple more hours. After cooling for about additional 3 hours, these irresistible goodies will have lick me written all over them!






Date and almond rolls

I don’t know about you readers but I need my daily fix for dessert after lunch. And yes, it is always after lunch..Considering my big sweet tooth, I can’t afford to have desserts with butter, sugar and all the good stuff in them 😉 So typically my after lunch dessert varies from a piece of dark chocolate, cranberries, raisins, dried apricots etc. Date rolls are also perfect for satisfying these cravings for sweets! They also make a good snack ranging from 50-60 calories a piece and they are so easy to make!




Ingredients :

1 box of Mejdhool dates(3.5 lbs) cut into thin pieces

1.5 cups of almonds

1 and half tablespoon of ghee

1/2 cup grated dried coconut


In a thick bottomed wide vessel, add ghee and dates and mash the mixture till the dates breakdown and mix together. After they are mixed well, add the almonds and stir.  Remove from heat and allow to cool, till they can handled.  Shape the mixture into logs. Spread the dried coconut on a plate and roll the logs over the coconut ensuring they are well coated.  Refrigerate for 4-5 hours and then cut into rolls.


Kesar Badam Halwa

Nothing can go wrong when the goodness of sugar, ghee, kesar and badam come together! My fondest memory of badam halwa is at MTR restaurant in Bangalore where we would crave for this dessert which would come in delicately wrapped parchment paper with the aroma of  warm fresh ghee wafting through the air. If you have a spouse with a sweet tooth like me and are looking to make some easy dessert with a long shelf life, this one is perfect!! The only downside to this recipe is that you have to remember to soak the almonds overnight. But the effort is worth it as you can store small batches in the freezer, thaw and heat when needed and it still tastes as good as fresh!!


Ingredients: Serves about 8

2 cups raw almonds

2 cups of hot water to soak the almonds

1.5 cups sugar

3/4 cup ghee

10-15 filaments of saffron

10 cardamoms powdered

1 cup whole milk

Method: Soak the almonds in boiling water overnight. Peel the skin of the almonds  after about 12 hrs. Use ½ cup warm whole milk and soak the saffron overnight as well. Then using whole milk, grind the soaked-peeled almonds and saffron into a smooth paste.



In a heavy bottomed pan, add1/2 cup of ghee and slowly stir in the kesar- badam (almond- saffron) paste. Then add the sugar. At first the paste will appear liquidy in consistency. As the milk content begins to evaporate, the paste will begin to solidify.  Add the remaining ghee and stir well. Keep stirring till the paste starts to separate from the bottom of the pan.  This is the part that can be tricky, for there is a thin dividing line between when the badam is cooked vs when it is overcooked! When the paste starts to separate from the pan, add the finely powdered cardamom and give it one final stir. Let it cool. Serve warm.


PS: If your badam halwa gets over done, do not worry. Keep stirring for one more minute and then pat it out flat in a ghee greased tray to make delicious badam burfee!!